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Whale watching in Meditarrean Sea

© Cédric BRUN

 Memorable encounter with cetaceans in their natural environment

Are you ready to share unusual  moments with whales, pilot whales, sperm whales and dolphins from Mediterranean…?
A the opposite of the mass tourism, Vertical Horizon welcomes you to an intense communion with a authentic biodiversity in a fragile fragile nature.

We invite you to an off-the-coasts sailing in the Pelagos sanctuary, with a responsible and private approach of the animals & wildlife discovery tanks to a small boat (no more than 12 passengers). 

© Cédric Brun

To learn, to encounter, to respect...

Board Ipanéa, an 9-m-long semi-rigid pneumatic boat, in complete safety and reliability off the coasts of the islands of Hyères (Porquerolles, Giens peninsula, Port-Cros)… for unforgettable excursions.

Vehicle of emotions, Cédric, also called Captain Baleines, first eco-labeled guide for the  parc national of Port-Cros,who, shares with you his passion and his knowledge for marine mammals. We tells you everything about the different water habitats and ways of life of the Mediterranean species.

© Cédric BRUN

Conditions of the whale watching excursions & booking


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(You can also privatise the boat)

© Cédric Brun

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Pilot whale (Long finned) © Cédric BRUN

Majestic pilot whales...

Memorable expedition off the coast when pilot whales honoured us with their presence. Enchantment...!
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